Deshedding Services
The Amazing Deshedding

Codyafter1The Amazing De-shedding service -  Our De-Shedding service is second to none and is one of our most popular services and is an excellent addition to the quality bath service that we offer.  You will not be disappointed with this service!  Our De-Shedding Service includes a combination of shampoos, conditioners, drying and carding techniques that help remove your pet’s loose hair.  We use more than just a FURminator®, we use an array of tools that card out all of the dead shedding hair that annoys you. If you are tired of the tremendous amount of loose coat that your pet is leaving around the house, this service is for you!

We use several techniques to help release most of the loose coat that your pet is naturally shedding. Not only does this reduction in coat leave your pet’s coat and skin healthier.  You might even let him have his chair back! You will see the most from this service by bringing “Scruffy” to visit us every 3-4 weeks for this service.  The fee for this service is based on the amount of time we spend working on your pet and can range from $10.00 to $60.00 in addition to the bath or grooming price.